MARCOS RODRIGUES ︎︎︎ Is a Brazilian interactive designer based in Lisbon, PortugaL. HIs work involves helping brands come to life through memorable digital experiences that merge utility and novelty. HIS range of work comes from UX & product strategy to visual, motion, and prototyping interfaces. His past experience includes working with renowned digital-focused agencies as Huge Inc and Work & Company with a diversified range of clients & industries Today, he is Interactive Design Lead at PORTO ROCHA︎︎︎, a New York-based design studio developing creative and strategic work that engages deeply with the world we live in.

2020, CNMO


This year I started to integrate CNMO as an actvist for black people rights as part of the brading & comunications team.

Minvervino de Oliveira was the first BLACK candidate to run for president in Brazil. 

︎︎︎ @minervino.sp


The collective has as its base of identity and political action the conviction that racism and racial discrimination are intrinsic parts of the capital regime. Which leads us to act far beyond as part of the black movement that circumscribes its struggles to obtain so-called compensatory policies - or affirmative and reparative actions - nurturing hopes and expectations that are exhausted in the secretariats and coordinations for the Promotion of Racial Equality.

We maintain that the root of racism lies in the division of society into classes and, in addition to the defense of racial quotas in universities, we must contribute to raising the class consciousness of black and black workers in the joint struggles of the entire working class against the regime. of capital.
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