MARCOS RODRIGUES ︎︎︎ Is a Brazilian designer based in Lisbon, PortugaL. HIs work involves helping brands come to life through memorable digital experiences that merge utility and novelty. HIS range of work comes from UX & product strategy to visual, motion, and prototyping interfaces. His past experience includes working with renowned digital-focused agencies as Huge Inc and Work & Company with a diversified range of clients & industries. Today he is Interactive Design Lead at PORTO ROCHA︎︎︎, a New York-based design studio developing creative and strategic work that engages deeply with the world we live in and he teaching at aprender design︎︎︎, a school for those who rethink the established. In design and in the world.



Porto Seguro is the third-largest Brazilian insurance company.

In partnership with Porto Seguro's internal design team, we built a design system that will help to set a new foundation for its identity.

Based on those new bunch of patterns, components, and interactions, we started to redesign their internal products.

As part of our deliverable, we decided to create a promotional video that shows how important it is to keep the governance and consistency between digital products under a brand.

Diogo Rodrigues, Creative Director
Marcos Rodrigues, Senior Designer
Lohan Tostes, Motion Designer
Rafael Nuan, Project Manager
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